Hi, I’m Nathan, I was born in the middle of the beautiful alps of Austria, currently living in Switzerland. 
I’ve always been an adventurer and loved to discover new cultures. So traveling and exploring is my passion. I really enjoy being in nature so one thing leads to another and now I am hooked to outdoor sports like surfing, kiting snowboarding… 

As I traveled I realized two things: 

First of all, that our planet is one in a billion and that the planet I call home is not invulnerable. That every human being has a responsibility, so I supported my dad’s right from the beginning when he decided to establish a little company installing solar energy, heat pumps, etc. I am really happy that this little company turned out to be a success story, and we are able to have our share in renewable energy solutions. Making homes more environmentally friendly.


The second thing I realized is how privileged I was to be born in a place where there is freedom of speech and everybody can speak out freely. The latest headlines and measures our governments are taking therefore concern me deeply. It develops more and more in the directions of countries I have visited, where there is no such thing as freedom of speech and opinion. Honestly, my motivation is that when I’m old and my grandchild asks me: “Grandpa, what did you do when all this panic and fear took place?” I can look him in the eyes and tell him: “When most people did nothing and were in fear I at least tried to protect our constitutional rights and our freedom over our health with this campaign. I am nobody special I am no saint, but I am not afraid to stand for my rights.”